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Dates of the second training are defined 24.10.2016

Second training within the project "Raising Knowledge among Students and Teachers on Tailings Safety and Its Legislative Review in Ukraine" will be held 22-26 November 2016 in the premises of the National Mining University (Dnipro) 
The activities within this training will be attended by developers of the Methodology for TMF safety, representatives of the enterprise object of research - the Prydniprovsk TPP, the authors of the course "Tailings Management Facilities Safety", students and teachers of city Universities.

The aim of the training is to familiarize the student groups with the methodology for tailings safety, teaching practice work with checklists, the company documents and the basics of the legal framework of Ukraine in this field.

Training results will be taken into account in the development of the training course "Tailings Management Facilities Safety".

In the moment, there is a work on the preparation of the training program.

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