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ACTED conference: the issue of Donbas TSFs environmental threats is highlighted on international venue 23.10.2019

The conference “Mind the gap! Conflict and Industrial Risks in Eastern Ukraine” was held this week, 23 October 2019, in Kyiv, supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Assistance (DG ECHO). The 3P Consortium (Prepare, Prevent and Protect), led by humanitarian organization ACTED organized the event*. The conference brought together representatives of national, regional and local authorities, local communities, Ukrainian and international non-governmental organizations and foreign investors.

Iryna Nikolaieva, OSCE consultant, and Alla Yushchuk, National Project Officer, OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine, introduced the OSCE project "Assistance in the Donbas environmental monitoring system expansion" under the first panel discussion of the key aspects of risk management in the conflict zone.

Iryna Nikolaieva presented the first results of 2019 pilot research and demonstrated the major environmental threats from TSFs located in the most vulnerable conflict zone – objects of companies PJSC Avdiivka Coke Plant and SMA “Inkor and Co” LLC.


Short-term measures on TSFs safety improving is to search for technologies and funding sources on toxic waste decontamination/ treatment and equipping the wireless early warning systems in case of emergency on such objects. It should be noted that our expert team has recently returned from TSFs visual inspections and currently conducts the analytical work on data processing and methodological tools application.


After the presentation, the participants thanked our experts for highlighting the issues on the operation of these potentially hazard objects under the military actions. Indeed, the ongoing armed conflict may at any time provoke an environmental catastrophe of different scale. There is a high risk of objects’ destruction due to shells hitting the TSFs' hydraulic structures with further contamination of the Siverskyi Donets River Subbasin water bodies, which flows in both countries - Ukraine (government-controlled and non-government-controlled area) and the Russian Federation.


The 3P Consortium partners will improve their business plan for the next year following the discussions results.



3P Consortium was formed in 2019. It is a group of Ukrainian and international NGOs: ACTED, IMPACT Initiatives, Right To Protection, the Austrian Red Cross, the Danish Red Cross and the Ukrainian Red Cross. Lead by ACTED, the 3P Consortium activities aim to reduce vulnerability to disaster risks in Eastern Ukraine.


The ACTED humanitarian organization operates in 40 countries and annually implements over 460 projects that reach more than 11 million beneficiaries worldwide. The organization has been operating in Ukraine since 2015. ACTED provides humanitarian assistance to the population living within 5 km of the Donetsk and Luhansk contact line.

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