Ecoplatform is a union of
environmental safety experts
Ecoplatform unites leading Ukrainian experts, experienced environmental auditors and scientists with the aim of working together in the field of industrial ecology and environmental safety. During its activity, the association demonstrated effective organization and coordination of international projects in close cooperation with competent authorities.

Areas of activity:
  • Industrial waste management 
  • Advisory support of the implementation of European legislation in Ukraine (in the field of environmental protection)

  • Management of international projects
  • Environmental audit
  • Projects in the sphere of climate change
  • Development and support of project applications for grants of international funds and programs
Association experts have many years of professional experience in various fields of environmental protection, namely:
  • Research of current state of Tailings Storage Facilities and their possible emergency impact on water bodies, more info on the research in the Dniester River Basin (2018-2020) and in the Donbas (2019, 2020)
  • implementation of international projects on the safety of industrial waste storage facilities (2013-2017), more info
  • carrying out environmental audits of industrial enterprises, more info 
  • audit of international projects on climate change (2011-2014), more info
  • development and support of project applications for grants of international funds and programs, more info
  • scientific research activities to improve the environmental safety of industrial waste storage facilities and the development of methods for conducting environmental audits, more info
The founder and the head of the association is Iryna Nikolaieva, Ph.D., specialization - industrial ecology. In her professional activities, she conducted more than 40 environmental audits of industrial enterprises of various industrial sectors, acting as the leading environmental auditor and auditor specialized in the waste management.
The associtation deals with the issues of industrial waste safety in Ukraine both at the legislative and practical levels. With the financial support of the German Environmental Protection Agency (UBA), two international tailings safety projects have been implemented, their results were presented at international meetings in Hungary, Austria and on the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents at the UN Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. 
Platform experts deal with the implementation of European environmental legislation in order to provide professional support to the competent authorities.

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